data declaration

on this website we collect no person-specific data nor do we transmit them to third parties. on top of that, our websites are located on austrian webservers and adhere to the data protection standards of the european union. the code of this shop is based on open source software and does not contain any trackers by external entities that would otherwise might allow your activities to be followed throughout the internet. this is also why you are not bothered by any "cookie" disclaimers when using this website. you're welcome! any data is solely processed according to law for reasons of legitimate interest. this means that they are used for the processing of orders and are being terminated after the expiration of the legally required period of safekeeping. as a user of this website, you have the right to inquire of the nature and content of any data we have of you and order their deletion, if applicable.

please take note that you are inevitably sending data to an external third party payment service provider if you choose to pay your order with paypal, klarna or credit card. if you prefer to avoid this, we recommend paying by regular bank transfer or cash.

for further details, please contact the data security officer of the company, irene rittler, at rena (at)

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