clouded plains

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  • o10141
  • three-dimensional stone pendants made of jasper with mesmerizing nature-like fractality. petrified mineral inclusions form landscapes and vegetated hills underneath a cloudy sky. each unique, a tiny world to be taken with you.
the natural stone pendants of the series "clouded plains" show landscapes and vegetation... more
product information "clouded plains"

the natural stone pendants of the series "clouded plains" show landscapes and vegetation underneath a moved sky. over the course of millions of years, this jasper was formed in natural petrification processes and has received through different mineral inclusions those forms that correspond to fractals which are part of nature. cut by hand, they are small glimpses into these processes that form the world around us, in grand scales as much as in the small. the stones are unique and yet seem very familiar in their structures.

the polished jasper feels smooth and warm to the skin and through the cut, is tough and interesting to hold in hand. the pendant loop is made of rosé plated sterling silver which will become more natural-looking with wear. the sterling silver chain is satisfyingly round and shimmers softly, never intrusive.

we ship this pendant regularly with chain, but no extra gift box. you can order one below with the accessories, if needed.

colour(s): grey, ochre, silver
manufacturer: kalter trading
material: 95 silver, ormolu, stone
natural stone: chin. picture jasper
measurements: ~ 1x4 cm
origin: european union
length of chain: 55 cm, 60 cm
series: clouded plains
function: adornment, everyday companion, tactile engagement
properties: fractal, mesmerizing, pleasant surfaces, unique
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