linen squares

linen squares

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  • o10109.1
  • an especially grand square made of linen fabric that makes for an excellent companion outside as well as a loveable roommate at home. surprisingly versatile and always good to have close-by. made by lina <3
why linen : by now you might have already noticed that we are in love with... more
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why linen
: by now you might have already noticed that we are in love with linen! and there are many good reasons for this: it is being produced locally in europe, is unusually long-living and persistent, forms no nodules and barely wears out. on the contrary, linen is known to increase in quality over time and with wear. it cools in summer as moisture evaporates incredibly fast, und warms when it's colder just the same. dirt does not really stick well to it. its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties keep it fresh longer till the next washing and also make it especially suitable for people with allergies and sensible skin. in any case it feels natural - freshly washed and still a bit rigid just the same as when already cuddly-smooth after wear. you can feel the skin breathe and it feels like a good friend that will go with you a long way.

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manufacturer: mantaikotai
origin: lithuania
function: daily use item, everyday companion, tactile engagement, temperature regulation
properties: angenehme textur, cultural technique, durable, langlebig, multifunktional
designer: lina gulbine
material: linen
origin of material: france, germany, lithuania
colour(s): black, blue, green, red, yellow
fabric density: 160 g/m2
measurements: 143 x 143 cm
certification: oeko-tex 100
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